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Street Corner Ventures is an African American real estate investment firm committed to positive social impact.  Through the acquisition and rehabilitation of NOAH properties, Street Corner Ventures preserve affordability for middle income workers while providing solid returns for investors. 

Street Corner Ventures NOAH Investment Strategy: Solid and Stable Returns While Preserving Affordability

Street Corner Ventures understands that NOAH is a distinct and separate asset class that requires a different investment strategy from market rate investments.  NOAH does not meet the traditional definition of affordable housing due to the absence of government subsidies.   Therefore, the Street Corner Ventures NOAH investment strategy focuses on balancing the requirement of providing investors with strong risk adjusted market returns, while preserving affordability.


SCV Acquisition Strategy:  Transit Oriented Properties with Middle Income Residents


Street Corner Ventures only acquires transit-oriented properties near mass transit such as express bus and/or rapid transit that provides residents with access to workforce centers within a reasonable amount of time.  Transit oriented properties are also characterized by walkability to retail, offices, and parks. Acquiring properties in transit-oriented locations and/or near planned mixed use development, substantially increases long term value.

SCV focuses on properties with middle income residents such as teachers, first responders, and healthcare workers.  These types of residents generally have stable employment, pay rent, and move less which leads to steady cash flows.


Street Corner Ventures Property: 40th Street Apartments


SCV Asset Management Strategy: Improve Tenant Stability and Create Long Term Value Via Quality of Life Rehabilitation Enhancements


The Street Corner Ventures value add strategy is focused on improving the resident experience by: executing rehabilitation projects that address deferred maintenance issues, instituting responsive property management; and implementing energy efficiency upgrades that reduce utility expenses. Street Corner Ventures seeks to provide middle income residents with safe, healthy, and affordable rental housing that provides the residents with comfort and pride in the residence.   This leads to high occupancy rates with less turnover expenses.  The benefit for investors are steadier cash flows, diminished volatility, and strong risk-adjusted market returns

Street Corner Ventures Property: Redwood Crest Apartments

Rehabilitation Work on Redwood  Crest Apartments

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