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A Mission Based Approach to Real Estate Investment

Street Corner Ventures is a social impact real estate investment firm focused on preserving Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH)  multifamily  apartment buildings

Street Corner Ventures Preserves NOAH for Middle Income Residents

Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) is generally defined as rental apartment buildings at least 20 years old and affordably priced within 80 – 120 % of the Area Median Income (AMI).  Middle income workers residing in high cost metropolitan areas rely on NOAH to remain within a reasonable commuting distance from workforce centers.   However, the inventory of NOAH units is declining at an alarming rate.


Street Corner Ventures has a strong track record of preserving NOAH for middle income workers.  We acquire NOAH properties, perform rehabilitation work that ensures the health and safety of the residents, and we maintain rents that are affordable for middle income residents.     


Recent acquisitions have been in the San Francisco Bay area, but the Street Corner Ventures mission is to become a national workforce housing safety net organization.  At Street Corner Ventures, we believe that by providing clean, safe, and affordable housing,  we can dramatically improve the lives of millions of middle income families. 


NOAH Preservation: The Fierce Urgency of Now

By James Williams,
Founder and Managing Partner Street Corner Ventures

Comments from the Social Impact Investment Community about Street Corner Ventures


Chris Herrmann
Sr. Vice President Enterprise Community Investments

"Enterprise Community Partners is grateful for our partnership with Street Corner Ventures to preserve workforce housing in the San Francisco Bay Area via the Housing for Health Fund."


Cameron Wilson
Director Bay Area Initiatives, Capital Impact Partners

"The work that James Williams and Street Corner Ventures is doing to preserve workhouse housing in the Bay Area is extremely important.   The inventory of naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH) is shrinking and we cannot solely rely on new construction to solve the crisis of the lack of affordable housing"

Street Corner Ventures in the Media

NOAH Preservation Video

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